Why Couples Tantra massages at Joy Temple are offered in separate rooms

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on being brave and open to try and experience tantra massage. We are very happy to see how more and more women, and more couples are taking this step forward in exploring and discovering their intimacy. 

Where do we come from and what is our purpose

While there is a lot of tabu going on around the word tantra,  and even more maybe around tantra massage, we truly are a team of genuine tantra practitioners. We have successfully embraced Tantra in our own personal lives, and seeing how much it has transformed our own lives for the better, we have made it part of our mission to make it accessible to others. Thus we aim are here for you if you are interested in discovering this different way that you can enjoy sensuality, and use it for improving the quality of your life, as well. 

This is how our Joy Tantra Temple came into being and it is now a beautiful centre of spirituality where we offer massages, keep workshops, teach classes, keep spiritual parties – all in the spirit of bringing back to life the genuine tradition of Tantra and its principles.  

Why couples massage and yet separate rooms – Tantric view

We realise that many people would think of a shared room to experience a massage together, when they say massage for couples. Just as most couples understand to sleep together in the same bed for years, once the relationship has been established and consolidated. 

However, Tantra teaches us that with the right knowledge, which is then put into practice, couples can live and enjoy just as much intensity in their intimacy and in their relationship throughout years, as they did in the beginning, and it doesn’t need to end after the first 2 years, as some studies show it is the case for most couples. 

In reality, the couple can grow together, the relationship can gain more profound depths, but it doesn’t have to cost you the intensity , that spark that you had at the beginning. You can have both. 

An important role in this direction is played by keeping polarity alive within the couple. For this, both the man and the woman need to pay attention to continue to develop their masculinity and femininity, accordingly, and this generates intense polarity and attraction between the 2 polar opposites. 

How do we do this couples polarity

Taking a tantra massage booking for couples at our Temple is one way you can achieve this. But for the couple to benefit from this game of polarity, you do need to first give each other the trust and freedom to dive into your own experience, completely immerse yourself in it, before you are ready to share this with your beloved afterwards. 

The world of Tantra is something new, very different from how most people are used to relating to sensuality. Hence, you need to first allow yourselves discover and explore what the energies of pure sacred tantric eros feel like. Observe how such an experience reflects, within your own being, without peaking or worrying how the other one feels, or if they might react too intensely to another’s touch. Or on the contrary, if they don’t react enough, and then you worry they did not enjoy the surprise or present you intended for them. 

So, to help you leave all of that noise and worrying aside, we are only offering our Tantra massage for couples in separate rooms. 

Share your couples hopes and surrender into blissful joy

We would first receive you together, so that you can discover the place together, see that you can truly feel safe, protected in our Temple of Love. 

We would then have an initial dialog with you, also together. This is when you can share with us your thoughts and expectations on the session, and we can clarify any things that might still require it.

Only afterwards, when you are ready and comfortable enough for your sessions, we would take each of you to your rooms, and you can continue then with your personal experience, which you are having in unison with your beloved.

Know that he or she would be just next door, and you both give yourselves the complete freedom to see first how this entire experience feels inside of you, in your own inner universe. And afterwards, you see how you will both feel when you get together with renewed energies of your own polarity, in each case. 

Transforming experience and perspective

I hope this helps you better understand why we are so keen on doing it this way. We did try in the very beginning to go with what the request was. But most times, couples were so much paying attention to what was happening to the other one, that they almost entirely missed their own experience. Because of not being able to be present and connect to their own body and being almost at all, they ended up with at least one of them, if not both, leaving very frustrated instead of overwhelmingly fulfilled by the experience.

While we do understand it is only natural you would initially think of it this way, we ask you to trust us and our experience, and know that this is how you two will best benefit from your tantra massage experience.

Moreover, this is how your relationship will benefit the most from it, as well.