What is tantra?

Tantra is a kind of meditation in two, based on the union of the polarity (woman and man) while the engine is sexual energy. Through Tantra you can discover the sacred dimension and the means of making love and to vibrate in unison body, soul and conscience.

It is very important to know that Tantra without real mutual love and some training (especially for men) is not possible. Can become a fake and, even dangerous, a sex sport with oriental facade.

However, this is not done in one day. It is a path that requires commitment every moment. It is the art of living intensely every moment of life as if it were the last.

Tantra is neither repression nor misbehavior, knowing that one is the other’s vector. It is what it is, consciously.

Tantra is not sex education course, nor simple technique of contraception by retention ejaculation. It is true, as we shall see, that slow breathing allows the retention of ejaculation and extends lovemaking. However, behaving in this way, man risks losing spontaneity, innocence and his feral side also; mind takes over and there is room for meditation. However, the essence of Tantra is not technique but “love”, “prayer”, a relaxation of the heart which creates a space in which men and women melt.

In Tantra we find innocent child relearn to play the beloved without plan intercourse, as the project falsifies the game and break contact with the living moment.

Total acceptance of what is happening and can rise the soul. The meeting is true because each of the two can be shown as they are. There is nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to protect. Two beings living a true love relationship. No matter the time, age or external conditions, only the present moment matters. The risk we take ourselves to be in the present moment, the relationship is rooted, it turns and flourishes.

Tantra is not a technical course, although it uses certain methods and techniques that can allow an opening to the world of tantric and involving constant practice and perseverance. You will encounter an experience of Tantra can be a welcome response to current social and emotional chaos.

Tantra is not a philosophy, not a dogmatic religion in the sense of the term. It does not preclude any of them. It is a vital spiritual experience.

Tantra is a science, a unified experience of the body, soul and mind. It shows a spiritual path whose practice generates verifiable experience the expansion of consciousness that allows the release.