Happy Valentines – offers at Joy Tantra Centre, Edinburgh

February we celebrate Love. Conscious touch is a magical way  to revive the flame of love wihtin your being and within your couple relationship.

So, are you in a relationship, and wish to share this experience with your lover?

Or, have you had your experience with us already and were looking to find the right chance to introduce your beloved to Tantra as well?

Are you single and wish to offer yourself some Tantric love?

Are you a woman having wondered about when and where to give Tantra massage a try?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we are here, happy to bring you our heartfelt offer of Love at Joy Temple, Tantra Centre in Edinburgh.

Our Valentines offer this year is valid from the 10th of February till 20th of February, giving you two full weeks to celebrate love with us.

During this period, 10.02.2020 – 23.02.2020 , our sessions will be as follows:

  • Couples Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £280 – £50 off – only £230 to bring your Valentine and enjoy 2hrs of Euphoric Joy Tantric massage , each one with your own therapist, for the duration of the 2 hrs session.
  • Women’s Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – only £80.
  • Joy Tantric massage – 90 minutes session – £120 – £10 off
  • Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £150 + sexy and joyful surprise added
  • Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 3hrs – £230 – £10 off + sexy and joyful surprise added
  • 4hands Joy Tantric massage –  90 minutes – £230 – £10 off
  • 4 hands Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £280  + sexy surprise
  • 4 hands Unlimited Euphoric Tantric Massage – 3hrs – £20 + sexy surprise

12 thoughts on “Happy Valentines – offers at Joy Tantra Centre, Edinburgh

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi Keith,
      Thank you for your enquiry. We are open on Fridays and Saturdays 11am to 9pm and we are closed on Sundays. We hope to see you soon!

  1. Ian

    Hello there I was hoping to book a tantric massage for myself .. I would like to know if the tantric massage includes linghalm massage ? Thanks ian

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi Ian, our Tantric massages don’t include lingam massage. We focus on helping you become aware of the sensual erotic energy awakening and spreading throughout the entire being. So, the focus is on being present in the moment, and in the sensations perceived with every touch throughout the entire body. You may be amazed how sensitive the human body is, and from how many area sensations of pleasure may arouse.

  2. Tailan Grein

    Hi I would like to book for me and my partner!
    Couples Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £270 – £50 off – only £220 to bring your Valentine and enjoy 2hrs of Joy Tantric massage , each one with your own therapist, for the duration of the 2 hrs session.

  3. Husain Ejner

    Hi I am in Edinburgh for a few days and would like to visit your center.

    Can you please share your location and timings

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi, we are in Leith area of Edinburgh. Please send us an email through the form on our website, or give us a call at 07826097277
      We look forward to meeting you

  4. Tony

    Hi, I have had a number of tantric massages; you say your tantra may be different to what I have experienced before. Can you describe to me the euphoric joy and unlimited euphoric joy tantra massages? Thanks.

    1. Sublima Post author

      Tantra is often more famous than actually known. We are a team of Tantra practitioners, with years of practice in this Tradition, not only in Tantra massage, but applying tantra in our personal lives, too. Hence we are very happy with how Tantra has transformed our lives, and our motivation in offering the massages, workshops, classes we do is to help other people who are open to it, discover real tantra, which is much more than just something related to sensuality, it is a path of spiritual growth.
      The main difference you would notice with our massages is that they never end with loss of the energy, no happy ending, as many call it.. and instead we propose a never-ending joy. Our massages will help to gradually awake the erotic energies of your being in a very refined manner, and will be constantly transforming these energies into ever more refined forms, so that you get to experience all the pleasant sensations, and on top of that, you may feel the ever more refined forms of energies expanding, diffusing into your entire being, giving you a feeling of euphoric joy, that seems to appear with no reason, and expands your consciousness into the infinite.
      The euphoric joy and unlimited euphoric joy are the names given to our massages to show the different degrees of joy you may come to experience, in general in a 2 hrs session and a 3 hrs session. When the session lasts longer, your body gets more chances to relax, surrender and enjoy deeper the experience, and we also have more time to do more of the techniques we know, to help you attain that joy. Also, with more time, the energetic connection between the one receiving and the one offering the massage deepens, and it helps to the higher expansion of consciousness.
      Hope this answers your questions and we look forward to receiving you in our Joy Tantra Centre, to enjoy one of our tantra massages, as well.

  5. Mike

    I experienced the “sexy suprise” before my massage last year and felt it slightly out of kilter with the ‘ethos’ of the Tantic centre.
    Any comments on this year’s valantine promotion?

    1. Sublima Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Mike. We have actually kept the sexy surprise offer in this years February, as well, precisely because of the great success it had before.
      We can see why from some perspective this might seem not in line with our principles. However, if you look at it with the right eye, you will see that it still does comply very much.
      Tantra is a path of saying yes to life, and it is also a path of adoration of Shakti, as the manifesting energy.
      So, with this sexy surprise, our tantrikas aim to fulfil a very common fantasy of men, while making use of it to remove inhibitions and to transform the view upon eroticism.
      We don’t want to divulge what the surprise is, to keep it so, but if you look attentively enough and aim to feel what the Tantrikas feel when they do this surprise for you, you will see that it is yet another manifestation of Shakti, of the energy of life, and their state is actually inspiring and elevating.
      Thank you for all your visits, and we look forward to having you with us again soon.


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