From one of our dearest students:

Hi Sublima,

I just wanted to thank you for the course a little more formally. It was so helpful for me at a difficult and challenging time in my life, since the diagnosis that my wife received in late January life has been like a roller-coaster. During the 7 weeks, which started just 3 weeks after my wife died, I learned to take time each day (well, most days!) to carry out the exercises and to think and reflect on my position, on the day ahead and the relationships that I would have that day. This evening’s class focusing on Gratitude was easy for me to take on board, indeed being grateful has always been something that was taught to me from being a young child. In the last 7 weeks I have been so grateful for what I have learned and has been revealed to me on the course, I’ve been grateful for the love and understanding from you and Alessandra, I’ve been grateful for the love shown to me by my 3 children and many other friends. So thanks for all the hard work you have done in preparing the classes. Whether I’ll ever get round to being able to practice sexual continence I don’t know but I have experienced in the massages that I’ve had a surge of erotic energy that stayed within me and has left me feeling calmer and at ease with myself and the world.

Please have a good holiday in touch with God and forever learning more about yourself and your role in God’s plan.
With Love and Best Wishes,



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  1. Dave

    I visited the temple last weekend and I was a bit apprehensive at first but I was very quickly put at ease the surrounding were very comfortable and very good shower area the massage was wonderful and left me relaxed


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