From one of our dearest students:

Hi Sublima,

I just wanted to thank you for the course a little more formally. It was so helpful for me at a difficult and challenging time in my life, since the diagnosis that my wife received in late January life has been like a roller-coaster. During the 7 weeks, which started just 3 weeks after my wife died, I learned to take time each day (well, most days!) to carry out the exercises and to think and reflect on my position, on the day ahead and the relationships that I would have that day. This evening’s class focusing on Gratitude was easy for me to take on board, indeed being grateful has always been something that was taught to me from being a young child. In the last 7 weeks I have been so grateful for what I have learned and has been revealed to me on the course, I’ve been grateful for the love and understanding from you and Alessandra, I’ve been grateful for the love shown to me by my 3 children and many other friends. So thanks for all the hard work you have done in preparing the classes. Whether I’ll ever get round to being able to practice sexual continence I don’t know but I have experienced in the massages that I’ve had a surge of erotic energy that stayed within me and has left me feeling calmer and at ease with myself and the world.

Please have a good holiday in touch with God and forever learning more about yourself and your role in God’s plan.
With Love and Best Wishes,



16 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Dave

    I visited the temple last weekend and I was a bit apprehensive at first but I was very quickly put at ease the surrounding were very comfortable and very good shower area the massage was wonderful and left me relaxed

  2. Robert Brown

    Hi Sublima

    I visited your joy centre on Wednesday when I could not get an appointment at silk, and had one of the best massages I have ever had. The lady masseuse was very nice and I would like to book with her again.

    1. Sublima

      Thank you very much for your feedback, Robert. We look forward to having you with us again. Just let us know when you would like to visit us next?

  3. Xx

    I would just like to say that I have had the best experience of my life with the wonderful massage that I had on Sunday from Ariana. I have had a few tantra massages but the one on Sunday took me to a different level and now, 4 days later I am still benefiting from it and I am looking forward to my next visit regards Dave

  4. Harry

    I visited you last week and and I met Alma who expertly took me through a tantric massage. This was my first time. I can honestly say this was one of the most powerful and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Alma was kind, professional and beautiful. I can’t wait to visit again. Kind regards and many thanks. Harry

  5. Robert

    Relaxing and enjoyable massage from a lovely young lady (Emma). First time with this type of massage.
    Fantastic and will be back soon.

  6. Emils

    today was the first time I ever experienced a tantric massage and it really was quite amazing. I was rather anxious going in, not knowing what to expect, and was met in a manner both kind and professional.
    My masseuse was very helpful in explaining how it all works and I sincerely hope I didn’t come across as disrespectful in any way due to my nervousness.
    Thank you for this experience and I hope to be able to return some time in the future.

    1. Sublima

      Thank you for your feedback, Emils. I am sure many others will easily relate to how you first felt, and hopefully they will be inspired to overcome their anxiety and nervousness, to be able to have a similar amazing experience.
      We do look forward to see you again, as the sessions unfold as a journey, building up from one session to the next.
      Thank you again, for taking the time to send us your feedback, we are always happy to hear back.
      Also, pay attention to how you will feel during the next days, as the effects of the experience you have in our centre continue to build up during the following days, if you continue to be present and aware.

  7. Alex

    I recently had a wonderful 2-hour massage from a beautiful masseuse (Alma) after a shared shower. Her skin was very soft and her gentle caresses over my body felt incredible. She was very attractive, sweet and professional. The ambience of the room was peaceful and the background music was relaxing. Thank you for one of the most amazing experiences.

    1. Sublima

      Thank you, Alex for your kind feed-back. We are very happy to have you in our centre, and even more so, to see you taking on the journey towards discovering more of this path, with the workshop you have just attended as well.
      We look forward to hearing further of your experience and understandings. And to see you again in our centre, of course.
      Thank you, again.

  8. Mike

    Thank you Edrisa for the most wonderful session. You took me on a journey through the vast ocean of Shakti, through her calmest and most tender waters, and through her wildest and most passionate waves. With your sweet captivating smile and your exquisite sultry allure, you left me no choice but to willingly surrender myself to every moment of your magical journey. Like a beautiful sculptress sensually moulding her work of art to gradually reveal the essence of her creation, your hands and body danced around me with erotic grace and refinement, sensually moulding me into a more elevated form of myself to gradually reveal more and more of my soul. Thank you for this initiation, and for gifting me with a taste of heaven.

    1. Sublima

      Thank you, Mike, for your kind and poetic words of appreciation. It shows you are already applying transfiguration in your life, and your sessions with us, and this is always very fulfilling for us… to see our guests grow and integrate more and more of what they learn by our side, into their own lives and perspectives.

  9. Sarah

    We are a heterosexual couple who’ve been together 15 years, very happily. We were in Edinburgh for the weekend and decided that we’d like to try a tantric massage just as something risk-free and a little different to the norm. We made our journey here with great trepidation, fearing a seedy, brothel type place however this could not have been further from reality. From the moment we stepped in the door, we felt instantly relaxed and at ease. It is a beautiful, warm, clean and sensual place. We both felt that the massage was a very beautiful, sensual experience and feel much more wholesome for having tried it. Something every couple should try at least once. Thank you

    1. Sublima

      Thank you for your appreciation, Sarah. We are very happy to see you have enjoyed your visit to our Temple and took the time to write your review encouraging others to take the plunge and have their first session, as well.
      I do feel like saying thank you to all the brave women and couples who have been visiting us this summer. We have really seen a big increase in the number of female guests we’ve seen stepping in to our Joy Temple, and it does bring us great joy.
      We hope to see you again soon.


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