Joy Tantra Centre

We invite you to step into a world of mystery and feminine beauty when you step into our Joy Tantra Centre, in Edinburgh.

Our Centre is a sacred space, where you can feel safe, free to let go of any prejudices, any preconceived ideas of what you should or shouldn’t be, or feel and simply step into a journey of self discovery with the help of Tantra principles, Tantra massage, workshops and classes.

Invite Shiva, the Masculine Principle of the Tantra tradition, to guide and inspire you into attaining a similar control over your own erotic energies, within your being. Just as He, by his continous lovemaking to his Shakti, is maintaining the entire Universe in existence and alive, you can also gain control over your own life, and make it into exactly what you want it to be.

Let the beautiful Shaktis of our Joy Tantra Centre help create the connection between you, your world, and the realm of Tantra experience and joy. Through our devotion, love and Tantra practice, we do our best to bring more joy into your life, with every visit you pay to our Tantra Centre.