Tantric Massage

The world of Tantra massage and sacred sexuality

We invite you to the enchanting world of the authentic tantra tradition to experience with us a genuine method of tantric massage.

Nowadays sexuality seems to be very much out there, and yet it is still a taboo topic. The sexual education contains informations about contraception, but nobody teaches us about lovemaking, how to live a harmonious love life in a couple or what does it truly mean to be a man or a woman. Unfortunately in a hidden way we are getting a lot of impressions from pornography, which totall lacks love, intimacy and sacredness.

The goal of our tantra temple is to help men, women and couples to discover the millenary secrets of tantra tradition, and in this way how to relate to eroticism in a pure, natural and more fulfilling way.tantra massages edinburgh joy temple

About our tantra massages at  Joy Temple

Joy Tantra Centre is the best place to receive a genuine tantric massage, because we do only professional massages performed by well experienced Tantrikas (tantra practitioners). It’s a harmonious mixture of body to body  massage, accupresure on meridians and sensual carreses.

The aim of these sessions is to awaken your erotic energy, enhance elevated pleasures and at the same time uplift  and difuse this intense energy within your entire body to renew and enliven your body, mind and soul. Tantra and tantric massage is all about attaining full control and awarenes by diving deep into your sensations.

It is not like any other tantra massage you may have experienced, as we keep to the traditional principles. It is not a quick rubber on the body but a thorough technique done over your nude body. It is quite complex and we advice you to take your time, to completely surrender so our Tantrikas will do their magic and you can fly out into sacred and pure bliss. The more open you are, and the more you let go, the deeper and more intense your experience will be.

tantric massages for women edinburgh

We recommened tantric massage to you, if you:

  • Are searching for something new and more intense and meaningful in you erotic life
  • Have emotional or physical blockages related to sexuality
  • Want to improve your orgasmic capacity (even in case of men!)
  • Want to renew and increase you feminine or masculine power
  • Want to connect your sexuality with the level of the heart and the soul
  • Need touches with full of love, empathy and respect
  • Believe that eroticism can be sacred and can lead towards elevation and divinity – or are at least curious to see how this could be like

joy tantra massages centre edinburgh

Massage Prices

We are open and happy to receive men, women and couples as well

Tantric Massage Sessions for Men with one Tantrika
Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £120
Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £150
Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage 3hrs £230
Tantric Massage Sessions for Women with one Tantrika
Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £120
Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £120
Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage 3hrs £220
Tantric Massage Sessions with two Tantrikas
4hands Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £230
4hands Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £280
4 hands Unlimited Tantric Massage 3hrs £450
Tantric Massage Sessions for Couples
Couples Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £280
Start up Couples Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £220
Couples Unlimited Joy Tantric Massage 3hrs £440
Couples Tantra Workshops 3hrs £490
Joy Lomi Lomi Massages for Men and Women
Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 60 minutes £80
Euphoric Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 90 minutes £100
Unlimited Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 2hrs £120
Joy VIP Sessions
With 3 therapists 3hrs £630
With 2 therapists 3hrs £420
Tantra Massage Add Ons
Joy’s Assisted Shower 10min £20
Young Living aromatherapy* 10min £20
*During your Tantra Massage session, we will also be applying Young Living oils on specific meridians to help improve energetic circulation
Guided relaxation in Tachion cocoon** 15min £20
**Read More about Guided relaxation inside a tachyon cocoon
Combine any 3 add ons £50

Opening hours: 11am-10pm.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have or bookings.