Tantric Massage for Women

What is Tantric Massage for Women?

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Joy Tantric massage for women is foremost a tantric therapy for you to reconnect to your senses, your sensations, and your very delicate, yet intense sensuality. It is an experience every woman should have at least once in their lifetime!

These tantric massages addressed to women are a very efficient form of relaxation, of rising above the daily hassle. But there is also much more to it than that. Especially, the yoni massage for women is a very pleasant and feminine means to help you accept and awaken your inner Goddess, to reignite the divine spark within you, and thus come to recognize and reconnect to the divine spark within each being you meet!

Yoni massage – a way to activate your orgastic potential

The sexual energetic potential in women is unlimited, yet dormant in many of us. Therefore, the first step in awakening and making use of this energy, is to become aware of our orgastic potential. And having a yoni massage in our safe tantra massage centre is a very pleasant and efficient method.

Just remember we have the energetic ability to generate new life in our womb. It should be noted, that in the initial cell multiplication there is an energy explosion, thousands and millions of cells are generated in just minutes, and this immense energy comes from the woman. So, yes, it can safely and truly be said that our body is the source that supports cell multiplication, almost with the power of an atomic bomb.

Alright, so then the natural question comes: what happens to all this potential when we are not physically creating a new life, when we are not pregnant? – Exactly, that is a key question to ask, and we will get back to this, more in details, on another article on our webpage.

For now we will say though, that having a yoni massage or making love for at least 2 hours is an exceptional way to activate this orgastic potential and to transform it into forms of energy that are then lifting our level of consciousness, and bringing us great joy!

Just try imagining what your life could be like, when you have access to all this immense orgastic potential, and you have the means to put it to work for you, rather than just letting it go to waste, as it is the case with most women who are experiencing long and painful monthly cycles.

With the help of Tantra massage, you will gradually develop your relaxed awareness and thus gain control over your orgastic sensual potential and in this way attain the freedom to simply be, as a woman.

I am a free woman, I fully enjoy my eroticism, and it elevates me!

Over the course of time, due to society and our education, morality has taken away or has put feelings of shame, various conditionings and guilt over the sexual energy, which is in reality the energy of life. We are as much alive as we are in touch with our erotic, sensual energy.

As a spiritual tradition, the uniqueness that Tantra brings to the table is exactly this all-encompassing approach that doesn’t put you to choose between a moral or spiritual life and your sexuality. Instead, it gives you the solution to this, as Tantra encourages us to not run or hide away from life, but to dive in, say yes and let the waves of life rise you up! Tantra gives you the path and the tools to walk this path and bring joy into your life. Our Joy massage for women is just one wonderful tool on this path of love!

What are the actual stages of the tantric massage for women?

The Yoni Tantric Massage includes first the massage of all of your being, and only when your body and soul are both ready, the actual massage of your genital area will begin.

First connect and feel safe

Our joy tantric massage for women begins with creating a connection between yourself and your therapist, when you would actually meet your therapist and have the chance to ask any questions you may have.
This is also the time for you to share with your therapist any fears or concerns you might have, so that it can all be addressed and clarified.
It is very important that you feel safe, comfortable and open to receive such a special and intimate massage. Trusting your therapist and being able to surrender into their hands is quite important for the yoni tantric massage you are about to enjoy.

Sensual and relaxing massage of the body

Once you are ready, you will be laying down, on your front, and the massage begins, with gentle, yet deeper touches to allow loosening of the muscles and the channels through which the energy must circulate.

Then the touch softens and is more directly aimed to bring sensual awareness to various parts of your body, including the less sensitive ones, in order to bring more awareness there, as well. In this way the energies will flow very harmoniously and freely, awakening and bringing to life your entire being.

This experience will help you know, accept and love your body, and discover how much joy it can give you. Our body is considered to be a sacred Temple in the Tantric tradition, and when we take good care of our Temple, the soul within will be able to shine brightly!

Yoni massage in the Temple of your awakened body

When your entire body is awakened and energized, only then, the yoni massage will begin, as well. The time dedicated to this part of the massage varies very much from session to session, from person to person, according to various momentary factors.

The yoni massage itself, is also aimed to enhance your awareness, thus increasing your power of control over your energies and your life, so it will include various soft, healing strokes. This may trigger very different reactions, from every woman, according to what emotions have been stocked at this level. Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed with joy, laughter, tears, intense emotions. You can freely let any of your emotions manifest, and know that you are safe.

In our centre we are all very well experienced tantric practitioners, and you can be assured that the massage given to your yoni is done with great respect and adoration, seeing the yoni as the gate to the highest spiritual realms. In Tantra, the yoni is the gate of the Temple, where through the divine spark within can shine and bring joy to your being, and to everyone around you!

Bringing balance and harmony to your being as a whole

The last part of your session will be focused on balancing and harmonizing the energies in your whole being, harmoniously distributing the orgasmic potential that had been triggered, to the superior levels of your being.

Tantric massage may seem unusual to many people, but in reality it is relying on some of the earliest teachings in Oriental tradition. And the unquestionable truth is that by enjoying therapeutic yoni massage, your orgastic potential is intensified and the erotic experience really reaches a spiritual level.

The most wonderful thing about the joy tantric massage for women is that not only does it help you reconnect to your sensuality, it also gradually gives you the key as to how to experience multiple states of orgasm, as often as you want.

Give us a call on the number provided, or fill in the contact form below, and we will be very happy to arrange your Joy Tantric massage session at our Tantra Centre in Edinburgh.