Tantra Massage Workshop – The gift of Love, February 2020 at Joy Tantra Centre

Early bird registration by 5th of January 2020.

Learn the art of Tantra massage – 1st module February 2020

Your chance to discover:

  • How to unlock and harmonize our erotic energy
  • Secret erogenous zones for the perfect ecstatic foreplay
  • Amorous touch – the pathway to awakening mystical states of ecstasy

On the weekend of love, 15-16th February 2020, Joy Tantra Centre invites you to a weekend workshop with two full days of initiation into the Oriental arts of Tantric massage and amorous caressing during lovemaking.

In this Tantra massage workshop you will learn:

  • How to offer pleasure, express affection, and express love through touch
  • How to help and guide your beloved to reach states of deep and intense orgasm
  • How both of you can access mystical states of ecstasy through this ancient form of body to body and heart to heart communication

To offer you this special Tantra Massage Workshop, we have invited the very experienced Tantra practitioner, Crina Atomulesa, who has agreed to travel all the way to Scotland in order to teach this workshop and share her knowledge with you.

Crina is the founder of Dao Tantra Massage School, and she has been studying and practicing tantric massage for more than 10 years. During this time, she has trained hundreds of men and women in tantric massage, yoni massage, conscious touch and the subtle anatomy of the human being.

“It is my passion and my dharma” – she says, when asked about her motivation on this path.

The esoteric information presented in her workshops is secret and has been carefully developed over years of study and practice. This workshop is for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of tantric massage.

Join us for this extraordinary weekend that will expand and transform your perspective on Love and Eros forever!

Some practical details:

Date: 15-16th February 2020.

Place: Joy Tantra Centre, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Cost: Early bird discount of £300/person and £500/couple – when booked and paid by the 5th of January 2020.

Normal price is £400/person and £650/couple.

Daily schedule:

  • Saturday 15th February: 10am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm
  • Sunday 16th February: 10am to 1pm, 3pm to 6pm
  • Lunch break on both days from 1pm to 3pm

Please read on for a small glimpse into the content of this workshop, introducing you to the world of authentic Tantra massage training, as well as some highlights from the two-day. program.

Tantra massage is an alchemic and transformative combination of conscious touch, filled with love and transfiguration (seeing the other through the eyes of God) and nurturing both body and soul, while also awakening our erotic energy, or in other words, our creative energy.

Once our erotic energy is awakened, it will be consciously channelled upwards towards the superior and more spiritually evolved energetic levels of the being. In this way, the one receiving the massage will experience altered states of consciousness such as unconditional love, a more refined aesthetic awareness, godly inspiration, states of genius, and mystical states of ecstasy.

This inner alchemy and transformation is the very essence of the tantric tradition, and Tantra massage is an instrument or tool which allows this alchemy to be directly experienced by the one receiving the massage.

At the same time, because the one offering the massage is the channel through whom these states are being passed on, these states are thus mirrored within their own being, and they will therefore also benefit, in unison, from all the wonderful effects the massage generates.

This is yet another example of the phenomenon that when one offers they also receive, and it is a reason why the ones practicing tantra massage often experience extraordinary states of consciousness, especially while offering massage.

The essence of our plenary manifestation as women, and respectively as men, consists in awakening the occult power of our genital organs. In other words, setting into effervescence the erotic potential, which is also the greatest energy in the human structure.

Highlights from the two-day program:

  • Day 1 – Tantric Massage – how to harmoniously combine/merge the energy of godly love with the erotic energy of pure Eros at the body level, by means of massage techniques.

    -Secret technique to intensely amplify the healing bio-energy at the level of the palms and increase their perception and sensitivity.

    -Detailed presentation on how the healing energies circulate and how they can be modulated through the palms.

    – Tantra massage techniques to help activate the thymus and awaken the heart centre, Anahata Chakra – including how to eliminate emotional trauma and open the heart.

    – Breathing techniques from the Tibetan tradition, which enable the removal of energetic blockages and armor when applied during the massage.

    – Methods to stimulate certain energetic meridians in the chest area: especially the Conception Vessel meridian, Kidney meridian, and Lung meridian. Identifying and removing any energetic and psycho-emotional blockages at the level of these meridian pathways with the help of massage and breathing techniques.

  • Day 2 – Merging the affective energy from the chest area with the erotic energy from the level of the ovaries by means of a secret Taoist technique.

    – Tantra massage techniques to unlock erotic energy.

    – Preparing the body for being able to experience states of total orgasm, which are characteristic of Tantric experiences.

    – Presentation of the erogenous areas according to the zodiacal constellations.

4 thoughts on “Tantra Massage Workshop – The gift of Love, February 2020 at Joy Tantra Centre

  1. Laurie Blair

    Hi, I’d like to book and pay for the Feb tantra course for a coupe may £500 please?
    Can’t see a booking form or payment options, thanks, Laurie.

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi Laurie, I sent an email directly to your address with the payment details, I hope you get it in good time, and we look forward to meeting you soon. Please let me know once the payment is done, so I can confirm it on our end, as well.

  2. Steve Russell

    My partner, Laurie Blair, sent you a message enquiring about the massage course and Early Bird discount.
    We are still very keen to attend and are wondering if there are any spaces left.

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi, thank you for contacting us, I just sent an email to Laurie now, with the details for payment. Yes, we still have just a few spaces left, and we are happy to give 2 of them to you. We look forward to having you with us. Thank you for getting in touch.


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