Tantra Massage for Men

Join us for a blissful experience of Tantric massage for men

Joy tantric massage invites you to let go of the everyday hustle and step into the beautiful and peaceful ambiance of our Tantra centre. Here you can surrender, leave all that you need to figure out behind, and simply enjoy the magical touch of Tantra through our wonderfully skilled Tantrikas (Tantric practitioners).

We are one of the very few places offering genuine Tantra massage, so we will challenge you with the idea of no ejaculation and dry orgasm. We know it might not be what some of you had in mind when starting this search, but bare with us. Since you are here, why not give it a try?

Most men believe the genitals and the heart not to be linked in any way. You can easily have sex, and feel nothing in your heart, right? Well, because of that, it is very easy for you, as a man, to get lost in your physical sensations and give up control of your being and your reactions.

This is why most of you identify orgasm with ejaculation. You are only present there when the sensations begin and as they grow, but once they intensify past a certain moment, which in Tantra is called the point of no return, you then sort of know you are “on the right track”, so to say, and you give in, you surrender into your sensations, and you are not even consciously present there for your so looked after orgasm…

Our proposal to you

So, what we suggest is that you give genuine Tantra a try and see what it feels like to you. You can only make a real choice once you have had both experiences, otherwise your choice simply goes to what you are used to, by default. And by default doesn’t mean best option, now, does it?

While you may need a bit of training, patience and perseverance in order to master Tantric techniques and the multiple dry orgasms, you can still enjoy greatly, from the very beginning, a genuine Tantric massage in ways that you may find to be far more intimate than you had ever imagined.

Our tantric massages for men don’t include the lingam massage itself, and yet many of our guests have often told us that what they experience with our massages takes them way deep into the realm of sensuality and intimacy, in ways that they had not experienced before, not even when making love.

Surrender only into Love

At the beginning of this page we were inviting you to surrender, and we still do, as this is the Tantric way. However, the surrender should be only into Love.

Love is the miraculous ambient that allowed Tantra to be amongst the few traditions of the world that succeed to merge spirituality with sexuality. It is only through the energy of Love that the intense sexual sensations can be lived and enjoyed while at the same time staying true to your self.

Our massages will help you grow spiritually and sexually. Imagine that: two for the price of one. Now you no longer need to repress your sexuality in order to find yourself, but on the contrary, you get to use exactly your sexual, orgastic potential in order to rise and discover yourself!

And this is only possible through Love. Tantra shows us that instead of loosing yourself in pleasure, and thus reducing your pleasure to a very short momentary sensation, you can in fact, intensify pleasure and desire while diving into your opening heart, transforming it all into unlimited love and freedom.

When you surrender into love, into your heart, and not your sensations, then as if by magic, the erotic energies and perceptions are no longer located only in the genital area, but they start rising up along the spine, diffusing into your entire body, and you gradually discover you can last longer, enjoy more, and experience much greater and steadier joy!

We are here, our hearts wide open with love, waiting to share this amazing experience with you.

Contact us either on the phone number provided, or by filling the contact form below, and book your life changing tantric massage experience with Joy Tantra massage Edinburgh!