Shakti group presentation

Discover a wee taste of what Shakti is and what it could bring into your life!

Please feel free to join us on any of these presentations to get a glimpse of what we are offering in terms of Tantra classes for women.

These days Tantra is getting more and more popular one way or another, and women start to be interested in this as well, but as a woman it is difficult to make your choice as to where you could be safe to go and try some tantric experience one way or another.

In our centre we have created a very safe and welcoming invironment where women can be by themselves, without any interference with the ordinary life, and yet coming out ouf the experience highly enriched and this will definitely reflect in the way you carry on living your life further!

Therefore, we are offering these presentations for free, where you have a chance to see the place, take part to a lecture about what Shakti is in the Tantric Tradition, and about the different types of classes we offer to women who want to bring to the surfface the Goddess within and allow Her to blossom and shine in all its glory!

Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

All women are welcome to these presentations, yet booking your place is required, as we can only have a certain number of persons at a time.