Revolutionary Workshop for Exceptional Women- on International Women’s Day

As a gift for all exceptional women who are celebrated on the 8th of March, the international woman’s day, we would like to invite all of you to a revolutionary workshop that will reveal to us how we can start making good use of our hidden and yet unknown treasure of our feminine sexual power.

Join us in this process of profoundly understanding your feminine power and its healing abilities.

This will be the first of a series of workshops where we discuss menstruation, ideas and theories on it, together with practical tools on how you can actually suspend it in a perfectly healthy manner, and in this way how you can reinforce your feminine power with this huge potential that we all have at our disposal!

To fully celebrate Woman’s day, we want to make a whole day out of it!

The workshop will include 2 parts today, and you can book for the whole day, or for just one or  the other. So, here is the program:

11am-1pm – Sacred Sexuality for Exceptional Women – first part of the workshop

1.30pm-3.30pm – Our weekly hatha yoga practice – we’ll focus on the postures beneficial from the perspective of women’s sexual continence, even though, some men may be joing us for these 2 hours

4pm-6pm – Your Monthly Cycle can work FOR you! – Discover How! – part 2 of the workshop

7pm-9pm – Our weekly Divine Feminine Group

The cost is £50/day – including both parts of the workshop, and free access to the hatha youga practice of today and the Divine Feminine meeting today

Or, £30/half day – this allows you to attend one of the two parts of the workshop, plus free access to one of the hatha yoga practice (1.30pm) or Divine Feminine (7pm).

What we aim to do:

– present different theories and views upon menstruation

– understand and identify the different stages of your moon cycle

– present and practice some natural ways to constructively handle your premenstrual states and feelings

– understand how we can save this power and multiply it for bringing more happiness into your life

– understand the spiritual power residing within you and dare to bring it to life!

How you prepare yourself and what you can bring:

– build up an open mind and healthy curiosity

– bring your open and lovely self

– be ready to share from your experience with other exceptional women, just like you

– wear light and feminine clothing – that allows you to feel free and feminine

2 thoughts on “Revolutionary Workshop for Exceptional Women- on International Women’s Day

  1. Leigh Barnard

    Hi, I would like to enquire about booking onto your Exceptional Women Workshop on the 8th March.
    I am also really interested in joining the women’s workshops you hold in a Sunday evening… I need to phone and book a place and set up the monthly payment? Look forward to hearing from you, Leigh x

    1. Sublima Post author

      Hi Leigh! It will be wonderful to have you with us! yes, please do give me a call to have a short talk, and so I have where to text you our exact address. The Sunday evening group meets every sunday, from 7-9pm, and you are always welcome to join us. The workshop is one of several, where we focus specifically on the part of our femininity relaty to the monthly cycle and how we can make it work for us, and not against us. Even on ways of how we can completely and healthy suspend it!
      Looking forward to hearing from you!


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