We offer in our centre various events of sacred sexuality, tantra, yoga and tantra massages.

Tantra Coaching

We welcome anyone who is interested to explore either one, or all together. We offer both group classes and private sessions, according to everyone’s needs.

Now and then we would organise free events, so that you get a chance to meet us even before commiting in any financial way, to spot these out, please keep an eye on our schedule, as sometimes, we might even add some short notice events upon request 😉

We have classes of small groups, where each one will benefit from great attention and guidance from their teacher. This usually last for 2 hrs, including a little bit of theory every time, and practicing together from what we have learnt already. The price is £40/calendar month.

The classes are open to both singles and couples, and don’t include any nudity. Please wear light yoga clothes.

We have workshops which, depending on their length and complexity cost between £20- £350/each. These events address both the enrolled students of our classes and new beginners, who would like to start exploring their world with the help of the principles that they would be introduced to. These will also always include presentations of new materials, and always some simple and very efficient techniques that you can take with you to practice, so that you succeed to bring the principles that we speak of into your daily life.

Tantra Massages

Our centre also provides traditional tantric massages wich are very different from what you may know.


Tantric Massage Sessions for Men with one Tantrika
Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £120
Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £150
Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage 3hrs £230
Tantric Massage Sessions for Women with one Tantrika
Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £120
Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £120
Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage 3hrs £220
Tantric Massage Sessions with two Tantrikas
4hands Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £230
4hands Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £280
4 hands Unlimited Tantric Massage 3hrs £450
Tantric Massage Sessions for Couples
Couples Joy Tantric Massage 2hrs £280
Start up Couples Joy Tantric Massage 90 minutes £220
Couples Unlimited Joy Tantric Massage 3hrs £440
Couples Tantra Workshops 3hrs £490
Joy Lomi Lomi Massages for Men and Women
Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 60 minutes £70
Euphoric Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 90 minutes £90
Unlimited Joy Lomi Lomi Massage 2hrs £120
Joy VIP Sessions
With 3 therapists 3hrs £630
With 2 therapists 3hrs £420
Joy’s Assisted Shower
Joy’s Assisted Shower 10 minutes added to your Tantra Massage Session £20

Tantra Initiations and Ceremonies

For those who would not have time for a regular class, we also do tantric initiations and tantra ceremonies, which will only give you the very essence of what we do, combined with a practical experience of it, so that you can take it with you and have what to follow up on.

The cost of the tantric initiations is £350/session, and it lasts 3 hrs. This is a private, one on one session. This means we can easily arrange it at your convenient time.

Please view the workshops schedule to book your place.

Opening hours: 11am-10pm.
Be curios enough and call us at 07826 097277 for more details and bookings.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.