Joy Tantra Massage in Edinburgh

Joy Temple – Tantra Massage Centre in Edinburgh – Shore Area

Please note, we have upgraded our website. Please see here for all our updates, including our new rates, workshops and classes.

We are enthusiastic to announce you about our tantric centre here, in Edinburgh – Joy Temple.

Just minutes walk from the Shore Area in Edinburgh, Joy Tantra Massage centre offers adults an escape to romance and sensuality in settings that really uplift your spirits!

We’ve set it as our goal to bring back to life the true Joy of Tantra tradition in a mystic atmosphere! Through genuine tantra massages, classes and workshops, private or within small groups, we aim to bring you practical and highly pleasant ways to renew and continuously use the fabulous energy of passion, now finally reconciled with spirituality.

Explore our therapy rooms and also join us for workshops & ceremonies in the beautiful big hall upstairs.

Here you may:

    • join us on our Tantra Yoga Classes every Thursday: beginners lessons( learn the first steps in tantra for the beginners or advanced tantra coaching);
    • enjoy the Tantric Ceremonies;
    • do Yoga with us every lunch break;
    • participate to our workshops and special meetings;
    • be part of a tantra group and socialize with people alike;
    • uplift your spiritual awareness etc
    • receive Traditional Tantra Massages in Edinburgh (for men, women & couples);

      Tantra massage addresses your body, mind and spirit, bringing healing and harmony to your entire being.

      Tantric massage sessions, for men and women, with one Tantrika
      Euphoric Joy Tantra massage – 2hrs – £180 (women £160)
      Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantra massage – 3hrs – £280 (women £240)

      Tantric massage sessions with two Tantrikas:
      4hands Joy Tantra Massage – 90 minutes – £285
      4hands Euphoric Joy Tantric Massage – 2hrs – £345
      4 hands Unlimited Tantric Massage – 3hrs – £545

      Tantric massage sessions for couples
      Couples Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £330
      Euphoric Joy Tantric massage –3hrs – £510

      Joy VIP sessions
      3hrs with 3 therapists – £855
      3hrs with 2 therapists – £555

    • Personalised Tantra workshop for men – How to make the woman happy – duration 3hrs30minutes – £440
    • Journey through your 7 Chakras and 5 Bodies – duration 3hrs30minutes – £400
    • Tantra initiation – Amorous Continence – 4hrs – £450
    • Opening hours: 11am-10pm.
      Be curios enough and call us at 07826 097277 for more detailes and bookings.
      We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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8 thoughts on “Joy Temple – Tantra Massage Centre in Edinburgh – Shore Area

    1. Sublima Post author

      The difference between our Joy Tantra massage and the Euhporic Joy Tantra massage is firslty in the lenght of the session, and with this comes more relaxation, more sensuality, more depth of the experience, as with more time, your body, mind and soul can better windind, disconnect from the outer world, and be more aware, more present in the moment of now, which is where you can find the highest intensity.

    1. Sublima Post author

      We are open every day 11am to 9pm. Please contact us by email or phone to set up a booking. We look forward to hearing from you.


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