Learning Tantra – Tantra Yoga classes and workshops

Our Tantra Centre in Edinburgh offers both Tantra Massage sessions, to have a direct experience of Tantra, as well as teachings of Tantra through Tantra Yoga Classes, Tantra Workshops, Tantra initiations, Tantra Ceremonies, Hatha yoga classes and Tantra massage workshops.

Tantra & Yoga Coaching

We welcome anyone who is interested to explore any of our options, or all together. We offer both group classes and private sessions, according to everyone’s needs.

Now and then we would organize free events, so that you get a chance to meet us even before committing in any financial way. To spot these out, please keep an eye on our schedule, as sometimes, we might even add some short notice events upon request. And also, remember to sign up to our newsletter list, to keep yourself updated.

Tantra yoga course – weekly classes – Wednesdays 6-8pm

We have ongoing Tantra yoga courses in small groups, where each one will benefit from great attention and guidance from their teacher. This unfolds as weekly tantra yoga classes, which usually last for 2 hrs, including a little bit of theory every time, and practicing together from what we have already learnt, and you will also receive printed notes each time for further study at home. So basically each class builds up on what was previously presented, and therefore your attendance is required on a regular basis. Please check our schedule for up to date info on times and days here.

The classes are open to both singles and couples, and don’t include any nudity. Please wear light yoga clothes. Although generally Tantra is associated to sexuality, Tantra is much more than that, and therefore, in our Tantra Yoga classes there will not be any sexual interaction between the participants. Tantra is a branch of Yoga and with our classes, you will get a chance to learn more in depth about the principles of this tradition of Tantra and at the same time a chance to start exploring your own subtle inner universe.

The main practice in the class is hatha yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques. These are all done in such a way as to increase your awareness upon the energies as they become awake within your body and being, so that gradually you learn to master them. And when you actually make love, in your own intimacy, you will be better able to put into practice all that you have learnt and understood through the classes. In this way you are guided step by step into discovering and integrating in a harmonious, healthy and genuine way Tantra into your life, with all of the Joys it has to give you.

Hatha yoga classes

Monday to Friday, we offer an alternative to your lunch break, with a one hour session of hatha yoga and short music meditation practice. See more details here.

Tantra workshops

We offer workshops which, depending on their length and complexity cost between £20- £350/each. These events address both the enrolled students of our classes and new beginners, who would like to start exploring their world with the help of the principles that they would be introduced to. These will also always include presentations of new materials, and always some simple and very efficient techniques that you can take with you to practice, so that you succeed to bring the principles that we speak of into your daily life.

Please sign up to our newsletter, so that you are always the first to find out about our workshops as they are scheduled.

Tantra Initiations, Private Tantra Workshops and Ceremonies

For those who would not have time for a regular class, we also do tantric initiations and tantra ceremonies, which will only give you the very essence of what we do, combined with a practical experience of it, so that you can take it with you and have what to follow up on. During the practical part these will also include you receiving a massage adapted to the topic of the session.

Please check costs here. This is a private, one on one session. This means we can easily arrange it at your convenient time. Please get in touch, so we can arrange your booking.