Recreate the Puzzle – Gain the Higher View in Tantra

Joy Temple is a genuine Tantra Centre in Edinburgh, bringing you the opportunity not only to experience Tantra, but to also learn and explore it through a combination of knowledge and practical awakening to a higher reality.

The world of Tantra is a mysterious web that may be compared to a puzzle. It requires live practical intelligence, enthusiasm and great patience to embark on this path, to gradually discover both in theory and practice each piece of the puzzle and then be able to put it all together into an all-encompassing net. This will eventually give you the clear, coherent image of Tantra.

Shiva and Shakti in yab yum pose for tantra courses edinburgh

Our Joy Tantra massage sessions give you the chance to have direct tantra experiences under the guidance of our skilful Tantrikas. You don’t need to do anything yourself, simply surrender and enjoy. Quite often our guests are open and share their experiences with us, which are most extraordinary, leaving them completely amazed at what they had just lived.

Our Tantra workshops then follow such experiences and come to offer you the chance not only to experience Tantra, but to also gradually come to understand it. They come to help create the frame so that you can easier see where each piece of the puzzle goes and how they all come together.
Everyone is different, and we do our best to offer you various options so that you can always find the right way and the right rhythm for you to explore Tantra tradition at our Joy Temple Tantra Centre in Edinburgh.

Joy Temple Tantra Centre Edinburgh is offering 3 private workshops

These workshops may be booked individually or as a couple.

1. How to make the woman happy – 3hrs 30 min/4hrs – £370/person or £550/couple.

This is a workshop meant to introduce you into the world of Tantra, giving you the first glimpse into the Tantric principles and very simple and efficient tools of how you can start already to apply these in your own private life.

Together with these basic principles, you will also start learning about conscious touch – with your body and your eyes, and about where and how it is most efficient to do this when you intend to awake the energy and the soul of your loved one. The workshop includes a presentation and also a part where you are receiving a massage, in this more conscious manner.

2. Journey through the 7 chakras and the 5 bodies of the being – 3hrs and 30 mins – £370/person or £650/couple.
This workshop will continue guiding you through the world of Tantra, teaching about the 7 chakras, the 5 bodies, the 5 senses and how they are interconnected.

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You will be able to finally understand how all things are interconnected in the Universe and how it is in your power to choose how you want to live your life. The workshop is aimed to give you the tools needed to claim your life back and be able to live it as you choose to.
At the same time, it will include during its practical part, the very special and awakening tantric ceremony of the 5 senses, including in it a massage part, as well.

3. Tantra initiation into amorous continence – 4hrs – £400/person or £650/couple.

This is a very special workshop where we are already going much more in depth with both the knowledge and the practical tools we give you. At this time you are introduced to a higher level of knowledge and practical elements, with great esoteric power.
Here you will explore on a more profound level
• the Tantric way of making love (in your own private life – not during the session)
• how it is possible to have states of multiple dry and cosmic orgasms
• how you can practically harness your amorous energy, how to grow it and how to use it for your own benefit.
As we are walking together with you by our side on this path of exploring Tantra with great Joy, we will continue the list of the workshops we prepare for you, so that you can always take your next step forward.

Are you now ready to dive deep into all that life has to offer you? Ready to tap into all of its great joy and power?
If you are curious, intelligent and patient enough to start collecting the pieces of the mysterious puzzle of Tantra in Joy Temple, please do get in touch and we will be happy to arrange your next workshops.
Please note that due to their complexity, workshop bookings do need to be booked at least one day in advance and they are dependent on availability.

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