Hatha yoga class for women

Only few have heard of the idea that actually women who are indeed perfectly healthy and in harmony with the Universe would not have a bleeding period.

This is one of the very well kept secrets of the tantric tradition, which has been deeply researched though by more and more scientists, one of the best known being Dr Raymond Bernard, who was himself an initiated men. In his book The Physiological enigma of Women he presents a deep and laborious research study on this phenomena, showing his results, and at the same time he has structured the results of many other researchers who have achieved various results on this theme, and whom he quotes in his book.

So, starting from this and adding many tantric solutions to reveal how a woman can act on multiple paths to suspend her period, we are now offering this course, on which we will be focusing on achieving this goal through the practices that are to be presented and practised together.

This will be a weekly course, of about 2 hours, where the practical part will mainly consist in hatha yoga postures specially chosen for their effects upon menstruation and for their ability to increase our femininity. So, with every class, a new posture will be presented, together with other methods that can be practised towards the same goal.

When coming to this course, you should wear light clothes, and if possible, bring your mat as well, to be able to practice the postures with more ease.