Guided relaxation inside a tachyon cocoon

Joy Tantra Centre, in Edinburgh, invites you to take a few minutes before the massage, to relax, under the skilled and soothing guidance of your therapist, while lying in a tachyon cocoon.

We offer you this simple and efficient method of relaxation so that you may dive deeper and in a more aware manner into your tantra massage experience afterwards.

We are all in great need of good relaxation, which proves to be quite a challenge to achieve these modern days. What we offer you is a well structured and very pleasant method of relaxation, under the attentive guidance of your therapist.

Moreover, we offer you the chance to enjoy this stage of relaxation while inside a tachyon cocoon, to prepare yourself better for your Joy Tantra massage.

What is a tachyon cocoon?

Quantum physics defines tachyons as being the free cosmic energy that surrounds and permeates our planet and all matter on it.

We can see the tachyon energy as the cosmic energy which helps us connect to the deepest part of our being, and hence it is the energy that helps us bring balance and harmony to all levels of our being, in the quickest way possible.

However, as common human beings, we cannot yet directly access and use this energy and we therefore need certain means to capture it, so that we can then make it work for us. The tachyon cocoon is such an accessory to facilitate us connecting to and using the tachyon energy for the benefit of our being.

What are the benefits of this method of relaxation inside the Tachyon cocoon?

  1. You are gradually being guided to become aware one by one, of each part of your body, which you will be perceiving getting more and more relaxed.
  2. By connecting to the tachyon energy you will notice much better access to the core of your own being.
  3. A state of harmony and inner balance appears.
  4. Much improved functioning of your brain and blood circulation, regeneration of your muscles.
  5. It aligns the spine and your chakra system, helping your energies come back to their natural upward vertical ascension.
  6. It regenerates and expands the energetic aura of your being.
  7. And the main reason we chose to offer you this option of relaxation before your tantra massage is that this tachyon energy is in fact the very energy of orgasm, as experienced on a very profound level of the being, where it brings great fulfillment. Accessing the energy of orgasm in such a state of relaxation, you will be able to enjoy profound fulfilling states, that are rejuvenating for the entire being.

Can you just imagine how deep you can dive into your tantric massage experience after having relaxed for just 10 – 15 minutes inside such an ocean of tachyon energy?

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