Female Orgasm – a gate into the Feminine Mystery


Before all craziness of the winter holidays begins, we would like to invite all amazing and wonderful women of Edinburgh to join us for a Day to Celebrate our Femininity!

We are going to have two 3hrs workshops, that will best be savoured together, but you are very welcome to join us for only half of it, as well, if that is all your spare time will allow it.

28th of November 2015the Day to immerse yourself into the sublime depths of your Divine Feminine World!

Rediscover yourself as an amazing woman, who is eternally connected to the Feminine Mystery, and see how this can give you inspiration, support, hope, joy and enthusiasm, power to go on, even when it seems impossible.

Explore the mysteries of your inner feminine world! Open up to discover the wonders of other women’s universes! You’ll see we are as unique as we are alike!  And together we can grow stronger and yet ever more feminine, all as one!

On this day we’ll speak about the different types of orgasms women can enjoy. What they are and how they can be achieved, how you can build up your sexual drive, and how you can best control it and put it to good use for creating more joy and more love into your life.

Elements of Tantric massage will also be presented, together with a very special technique for awakening all of your senses!

Times and cost:

  • Part 1 – 12-3pm – £50/person or £30 for our members
  • Part 2 – 5-8pm – £50/person or £30 for our members
  • the cost for the entire day, is only £70 when booked together, or £60 for our members




2 thoughts on “Female Orgasm – a gate into the Feminine Mystery

    1. Sublima

      Hi Jeanette,
      thank you for your interest. We will add you to our newsletter list, and we will keep your interest in mind, aiming to organize a new similar workshop soon. Have a lovely day!


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