Here is a list of the most asked questions related to tantra and our tantra workshops. If you don’t find your answer here, then you can either post a comment with your question, call us or send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible.

Can I practice Tantra even if I am very young?

Tantra can be practiced at any age, but of course the sooner you start, the most benefits you can have. Through tantra you will discover that sexual continence is the biggest gift of your life. We would suggest being curious and exploring its principles even before becoming sexually active, as this will give you a chance to have it amazing from the very beginning. This will have great benefits both for you and for your lover. If you preserve your sexual energy instead of throwing it away for nothing, you will thus increase your inner power and wisdom.

Is there an age limit for older people?

Tantra as such can be practised at any age. Some of the practices are though only possible as long as the erotic energy is still high in our being. This is also something that may differ very much from one person to another.

At the same time, Tantra can help re-en-state the erotic energy in our being if one gets really keen on practising with perseverance all the techniques required. So, yes, tantra can be practised at any age!

I have premature ejaculation. Can Tantra help me?
At the very physical level, this means that the muscles involved in sexual intercourse are too weak. There are some simple but efficient exercises that will develop these sexual muscles. They can be practised even in death moments, for example, while waiting at the office or when driving your car.

Tantra will also help you become more aware of your emotions and of your erotic energy, and in this way you will get a much more profound understanding of what is going on within your being, thus becoming able to make conscious choices all the time.

I am woman and my labia are very big. Should I cut them by operation?

In Tantra, such women with big vaginal lips are very precious. That shows they have a big sexual energy and the sexual tantric intercourse can lift both lovers into blissful ecstasy! So, congratulations, you are a gifted woman,and so are women with large breasts, big clitoris and big hips. Please don’t cut them, as it would be a huge mistake! And terribly painful, as well!

There are women who do not manage to have an orgasm: a) either not at all or b) only if they masturbate but not with their partner. Would tantra be able to help with this?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes! It is in a woman’s nature to experience deep pleasure and it is only a matter of getting back in touch with your true self in order to be able to dive deep into the ocean of blissful pleasures that the erotic energy can offer us.

Tantra offers two solutions to this, and most of the times, they need to be used together: one is amplifying our erotic energy, and there are plenty of means to do this, (aphrodisacal herbs, hatha yoga posture, breathing techniques, yoni massage, and much more -we will explore this in our courses) and the other is  somehow more subtle, but many times it represents the main cause of such a situation, and that is the fact that sometimes women, due to circumstances of life, are alienated from their true soul, on different degrees. For a woman to reach orgasm, especially the sexually continent orgasm, her soul needs to be touched and fulfilled. Only then will she truly allow her ecstatic spring to flow and it will even flow upwards, making her entire body and being experience intense waves of pleasure that may eventually make her plunge into the bliss of communion with the Absolute. There will be much more to be presented and practised on this as well, on our courses that we have tailored specially for women who want to explore Tantra and use it to enrich their lives!

My wife doesn’t agree with oral sex. What should I do, cause I have this fantasy?

Many people have sexual tabu points. Maybe she had a very rigid education. Maybe she suppressed her sexuality with the idea of making a sin.
You can invite her to join you in attending our courses and she will find that all the body parts of the lover can be adored, especially if there is a good hygiene. Oral sex has many spiritual benefits and is generally agreed especially by intelligent people. Practised both by women and men, to each other, it makes a good foreplay and it deepens the intimacy and pleasure between the two.

For some time I have no menstruation. Do you think I should go to the doctor?
Lack of menstruation may occur for several reasons. Pregnancy is one of them and pregnancy test can be purchased at the pharmacy. Menstruation can be delayed when an intense physical or mental effort is done and when that energy is ”spent” in that effort. Another reason would be that you have uplifted your sexual energy and then menstruation disappears for a longer or shorter time. If you are not pregnant, and there are no medical conditions for this, then lack of menstruation is good for women. It shows that you are using that sexual energy rather than letting it go to waste, and there is no reason to panic, on the contrary, you should be very pleased with yourself, and congratulations are in order . Tantric Women make great efforts and practice different spiritual exercises to stop their menstruation which in tantra is considered as a pathogenic state.

We are offering a course specifically focused on this, so please feel free to join us and discover more of the mystery that lies behind our period.

How can tantra have a positive influence on singles if they don’t have a lover?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition, it is not merely a way to increase sexual pleasure, even if this is the image that was created most of the times for the western world.

The difference between Tantra and other spiritual traditions, is indeed, that Tantra fully embraces sexual energy turning it into a means, and even a very powerful engine to help us achieve the bliss of communion with the Absolute, and therefore, many tantric techniques do involve making love to your lover.

However, in order to be able to make love the tantric way, there is a wide range of practices to be done individually in order to become more aware and in control of your erotic energy. And such practices will also be learned in our courses. As you embark on this path of Tantra, you will discover that there is much more meaning both to the word Tantra and even to the erotic energy, than what is considered on a first glimpse.

26 thoughts on “FAQ

    1. Sublima

      Hi Catherine, we are located in Leith. Let us know if you would like to visit our Joy Tantra Centre any time soon.

  1. Bernie

    Hi, how many tantra massagists in your Tantra Center? Do you have any information about them (education, experiences, nationality, age, look etc)?

    1. Sublima

      Hi Bernie,
      we are a team of tantra practitioners. Everyone has many years of practice in Tantra, and this is how we are able to offer this form of massages.
      We are all very well trainned in offering Tantra massage and we wish to keep the foucus on this, and not the specific looks of our therapists.
      Being in this line of work, of course our Team is made of very beautiful and attractive persons, but this comes more from the beauty within, and this is what we wish to promote.
      Moreover, we are offering genuine Tantra massages and not simply sensual body to body massages, and this is what gives a sense of unique to our sessions. All of our massages follow in a genuine manner the principles of Tantra tradition and they help you discover realms that you haven’t even imagined existed before.
      We really are here for the ones who wish to explore the path of Tantra with an open heart and mind towards what is the real world of Tantra.
      We hope this clarifies your questions and when you would like to have the experience of a Joy Tantra massage, we will be very happy to book you a session.

  2. Paul

    Next october 18th I am going to be in Edinburgh.
    I really want to have a profesional Tantra Massage.
    I am a very anxious and this is affecting me in many aspects of my live, so i need to calm down..!!

    Thank you very much and best regards,

    Paul B.

  3. Dev

    Could you please explain Joy VIP Sessions ?
    There is no info given on your price menu.

    I have been to tantra massage session twice in 2019 and very much looking forward to visit in next few months .

    There is no info given on your price menu.
    Thank you.

    1. Sublima

      Dear Dev,
      Thank you for your message.
      The VIP session is a ritual of the five senses, a special session of 3hrs, designed for those special moments in life when you simply feel to award yourself a special treat for all your hard work.

      We make a whole experience of this session for you, from the very first moment you come in and step into our centre. YOu will be welcomed into a refined world of pure eroticism and sacred awakening.

      Even the shower room will have been specially prepared for you in a delightful way, on this occasion, and then the session itself will unfold as a beautiful tantric ceremony, where all your five senses are addressed and brought forth in your consciousness, so you can be more present and enjoy more fully every moment of life.

      If you would like to experience such a session with us, please do let us know and we will be happy to give you this treat.
      Have a lovely day

      1. Dev

        Thank you Sublima

        For your wonderful explanation. Please let us know when you re-open after lockdown.

        I am also glad to see new add on services too. Specially assisted shower.

        Please contact me on shakti.divine108@gmail.com if there are any new services. Your loyal visitor 🙂

        1. Sublima

          Thank you very much for your kind words, Dev.
          We do hope to see you in our centre again soon. please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the link to do so, to be sure you always get our news first as we send them out.

  4. Roy

    Hi Sublima,

    I had taken a Tantra massage last year and it was a wonderful experience. My Tantrica was Madeleine and she was beautiful and skilled. I now look forward to visiting you after some time and hope to have a deeper experience of Tantra.

    Keep spreading the Love!

    1. Sublima

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. And we do look forward to having you with us again. please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest developments in our centre and our reopening times, and we will surely be sharing more tantric steps on this amazing path.

  5. Stewart

    For the second time within a two week period I have experienced what can only be described as total bliss from two (not at the same time but certainly considering this option) of the most wonderful and beautiful ladies known to my universe.
    I cannot thank Anna and Emma enough for these truly ecstatic sessions which leave you feeling completely positive, strong and loved 🥰

    1. Sublima

      Thank you very much for your high praise, Stewart.
      We do look forward to seeing you again soon!
      Take good care of yourself, and keep up the joyful spirits.

  6. Gina

    I am very keen to try a tantric massage but i would rather it was a male as i would feel awkward a woman touching me?

    1. Sublima

      Dear Gina,
      Both options present their advantages. Our main team of therapists is made of women, but if you prefer to have the massage from a man, with enough notice, we can try and arrange it for you, as well. Do get in touch through our contact form.
      We are now taking bookings for 26th of April onwards.

    1. Sublima

      Thank you for your interest, John. Our tantra massages involve elements of body to body massage, and oil is used throughout the massage, as well. So, our therapists will be topless. However, please note the massage is done only one way, and in a professional manner, and respect of the boundaries must be met at all times.

  7. Dave

    I was just wondering if sublima ever gave tantra massage sessions. I met you last year for a introduction to tantra session and would love to have you as my lady for a 3 hour session

    1. Sublima

      Thank you, Dave, I am not doing any massage sessions myself. I am only teaching the workshops and classes we run at the centre. You are welcome to come for another workshop, or join our classes in September, when we start a new group, if you wish to practice under my guidance.

  8. Andy

    When you say couple massages, does this mean my partner and I could have a massage in the same room go through the experience together as it were ?

    1. Sublima

      Hi Andy, when a couple comes to our Temple, they are received together, and we can speak about any questions you might still have about the session, you can share a bit of what made you decide to take a booking together, and then when everyone is ready, you will be each taking a shower, and go to your rooms, as each of you will be having your massage from your own therapists, in your own room, so that you can each dive deep into your own experience.
      You may wish to read more on how this session unfolds here Tantra massage for couples

  9. Des Cowan

    Hi today was my 2nd visit to your temple for a Tantric massage. I was welcomed by the young lady that I got the first time and it was lovely that she remembered me.
    I was given Tara today for my massage and all I can really say was that she was beautiful and amazing. Can you let her know that please.
    Hoping I can arrange another visit sooner than later.

    1. Sublima

      Hi Andrew, we are open at the moment, yes. We will be taking days off work on December 25th, and then on the 31st of December and 1st and 2nd of January.
      Other than that, we are happy to share the holidays joy with everyone who wishes to have their experience with us this festive season.
      Please use our contact form to get in touch and let us know if you would like to arrange a booking with us.


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