Tantric attitudes to enhance Joy and Love within your couple relationship

November 19, 2015 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Soma Centre
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3
£14/person or £40/month

Aiming to deepen our understanding of the Tantric view and approach of the couple relationship, we now invite you all, men and women, couples and singles, to this weekly class exploring practical ways in which we can reignite, or keep alive and permanent, the wonderful joy of love that a loving and fulfilling couple relationship is meant to bring to our lives!
We will have – a presentation
– tips and ideas of how simply you can keep the extraordinary present, and even increase it!
– practical exercises we do together
– practical exercises for you to do at home

2 thoughts on “Tantric attitudes to enhance Joy and Love within your couple relationship

  1. Igor Homka

    Hi Sublima,
    I would like to join Thursday tantric workshops on regular basis. Is it ok to join group this Thursday?
    I’m single so please let me know if it’s ok to join as single. Let me know if there are any addictional requirements.

    Kind regards,

    1. Sublima

      Hi Igor, yes, you are very welcome to join our class on Thursday. It is perfectly ok if you are single, the class is for both men and women, either singles or couples, doesn’t matter, all are welcome.
      The only requirement is that you come in with an open soul and open mind. The rest will come as it should.
      Looking forward to meeting you.


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