Divine Masculine in Tantra

November 13, 2015 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Soma Centre
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3

The Divine Masculine – Vira group – a men’s only group –

Celebrate your masculinity and live a life of fulfillment by always making your lady love completely happy! Discover how to use your psychic powers to grow your masculinity and make each day of your life be filled with great joy!

Tantra is an esoteric path of absolute and total love that leads us to the complete and profound freedom of the being!
It is a spiritual path , and yet it does not require one to isolate from the world, but all on the contrary: the spiritual practice on the tantric path is perceived as completely diving into the most vivid and effervescent aspects of life, while our awareness also remains alive within us, so we can actually be present in the moment and enjoy it fully.

The Tantric view upon life is that all contact with reality is erotic, for it all involves our senses and the love that unifies all.

In this particular group we explore the principles of Tantra with its specifics to the Divine Masculine Nature, creating a spiritual brotherhood among the participants that makes them all grow into a unitary group of men who can support each other on the path, sharing the joy of life and discovering the most efficient ways to be successful on the Tantric path, in a specific, manly way!

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