Divine Yoga and sacred sexuality – new group starting 26th October 2015

8447_1For all men and women looking for more depth and happiness in your lives, we are starting a new class spread over 7 weeks, to take you through the very first and basic principles of the Tantric path, so you can bring this tradition into your life, and with it, more joy and happiness!

The class will be about 2 hrs every week, and will include a presentation, and then also some practice of hatha yoga postures, followed by the very efficient yogi relaxation, and short meditations.

The class is open to both men and women, you just need to come in with some light clothes, that allow you to move freely, and the yoga mats needed will be provided for you.

images (5)The course is structured over 7 weeks, and it can be paid either on a week to week basis, which will be £14/week, or if you choose to pay it all in one go, it will be £70/module, so it would be saving you £28.

The class is every Monday 6.00-8pm in Stockbridge.

Please give us a call on 07490 281 917, and we look forward to meeting you!


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