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Guided relaxation inside a tachyon cocoon

Joy Tantra Centre, in Edinburgh, invites you to take a few minutes before the massage, to relax, under the skilled and soothing guidance of your therapist, while lying in a tachyon cocoon.

We offer you this simple and efficient method of relaxation so that you may dive deeper and in a more aware manner into your tantra massage experience afterwards.

We are all in great need of good relaxation, which proves to be quite a challenge to achieve these modern days. What we offer you is a well structured and very pleasant method of relaxation, under the attentive guidance of your therapist.

Moreover, we offer you the chance to enjoy this stage of relaxation while inside a tachyon cocoon, to prepare yourself better for your Joy Tantra massage.

What is a tachyon cocoon?

Quantum physics defines tachyons as being the free cosmic energy that surrounds and permeates our planet and all matter on it. Continue reading

Happy Valentines – offers at Joy Tantra Centre, Edinburgh

February we celebrate Love. Conscious touch is a magical way that you can use to revive the flame of love wihtin your being and within your couple relationship. So, whether you are in a relationship, and wish to share this experience with your lover, or you are single and wish to offer yourself some love in this way, we are happy to bring back our offers from the winter season, to warm your hearts, and help them fill up with unconditional love.

Our Valentines offer at Joy Tantra Centre is valid from the 11th of February till 17th of February, throughout the whole week of love.

During this period, 11.02.2019 – 17.02.2019 , our sessions will be as follows:

  • Couples Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £270 – £50 off – only £220 to bring your Valentine and enjoy 2hrs of Joy Tantric massage , each one with your own therapist, for the duration of the 2 hrs session.
  • Joy Tantric massage – 90 minutes session – £120 – £10 off
  • Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £150 + sexy and joyful surprise added
  • Unlimited Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 3hrs – £230 – £10 off + sexy and joyful surprise added
  • 4hands Joy Tantric massage –  90 minutes – £230 – £10 off
  • 4 hands Euphoric Joy Tantric massage – 2hrs – £280  + sexy surprise
  • 4 hands Unlimited Euphoric Tantric Massage – 3hrs – £20 + sexy surprise