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Days of Love – Special offer

If Scotland is the realm of the immortal, on February 14, Scotland becomes the realm of endless love.
The bells of love are heard from afar telling all over Scotland and through all of Edinburgh that:
💓Love heals.
💓Love unites.
💓Love brings harmony and hope in the soul of lovers.
💓Love is freedom.

🎁🎁🎁”Here is our promotion at Joy Temple on this special Valentine’s Day.”🎁🎁🎁

This month of love, we invite you to dive deep into our Couples Unlimited Joy Tantric Massage experience, and thus you and your partner will receive the YOUNG LIVING AROMATHERAPY add on FOR FREE.

🎀In addition, you will receive a forgiveness technique that will help you become aware of certain emotions that have built up in your souls and without realizing it, over time they have affected your privacy.

The offer stands from February 10th until February 21st, 2022.⏳

Who will be the first couple to feel much more free, happier, more full of light after this tantric massage session?🚀

Winter’s Offer – December 15th, 2021 to January 5th, 2022!

Dear guest, 
We are a team of tantrikas well focused on improving health and cultivating an inner state of well-being. During the years of working with ourselves, we have discovered how important it is to give ourselves the opportunity to escape from everyday space into a sacred space, full of peace and tranquillity. Give time to nourish our body with beneficial energy, to embrace our heart with light and love.
Therefore,we invite you to Joy Temple. The winter holidays are fast approaching. We move just as fast and we already have the presents ready for you.
If you want to connect better with your body, to access your inner resources in a much more profound manner, to constantly feel a perfect state of inner balance, to alchemize your negative emotions, to get to see and perceive yourself, and your body like a sacred temple, we invite you to check out the winter promotion we have prepared for you:
1) Joy Euphoric Massage + Sensual surprise performed by your tantrika before the session
2) Young Living Aromatherapy Add on  – included for Free with any 2hrs sessions and above.
3) Tantric meditation – to increase specific chosen qualities – available with all sessions
4)Hot tea – you can choose between an aphrodisiac tea or one to boost your immune system. 
5) Spiritual messages to serve as inspiration for the holidays and the New Year! 

Options 1,2&3 are available to you for when you have at least 2 hours to spend with us in the Temple. Please choose one of these options. 

If you only have time to join us for a simple Joy Tantric massage (90 minutes), please choose your festive offer from options 3&4. 

And our option number 5 will be here waiting for you as a special impulse from Father Christmas, no matter how long you wish to spend with us, and no matter what other options you choose, this one is yours, as well.

We are very much in the festive season since we started preparing these gifts for you and we hope to be able to see as many of you as possible.   
In our festive, warm, cosy atmosphere, we invite you to pamper your senses in our temple.
Give yourself a well-deserved holiday gift. Give us a call or email today, to ensure your time is saved specially for you! 
Offers are valid from December 15th, 2021 to January 5th, 2022.

Bowen Therapy – a Surprisingly Simple and Amazingly Efficient Therapy

We are naturally endowed with great potential for self-healing and power of regeneration, but we no longer know how to access these. We have lost the profound connection to our body.

Bowen Therapy from Joy Temple Tantra Centre Edinburgh comes to help us in this direction. By means of very soft yet very precise movements on key points on our body, this therapy regenerates balance and harmony on both the physical and psychic level alike.

The human body has its own intelligence down to its very last cell, and this therapy is able to call upon this intelligence.

The movements the therapist makes, during the Bowen sessions from Joy Temple Tantra Centre from Edinburgh are so delicate and relaxing, that you wouldn’t think they are triggering such complex and profound self healing mechanisms. And yet, this is what it does.

What makes this therapy work?

Bowen movements act mainly upon the vegetative nervous system.
From the very fist movements of your therapist, the focus is switched from the sympathetic dominant to the parasympathetic one. Thus a profound state of relaxation is generated and the guest would perceive this from the very first session. This then creates the needed environment where the inner doctor of our body can do its work.

Most movements are done either on the insertion of the muscles or upon the muscles themselves, where Golgi cell receptors are, thus informing the nervous system about the state of tensions, elongation or contraction of the muscular tissue.

Other movements are done around the articulations and ligaments, which are powerfully charged with proprioceptors. Through these, the message reaches to the nervous system, inviting it back to a normal functioning.

Many of the Bowen movements are done on the superficial level of the fascia and affect the relationship between the fascia and the nerves, the muscles or the tendons being mobilized.

It is recommended to have 7 days between any two Bowen sessions, precisely because the mechanisms triggered by this therapy are very subtle, and the body continues working on them for a few days after the session itself.
The movements are done either directly on the skin, or through light clothing, while the guest is in a state of complete relaxation.

Is this therapy for me?

And to clarify why we consider this therapy from Joy Temple Tantra Centre Edinburg a highly efficient one, you should know that it is addressed to everyone, from very young children to very old people, and it brings solutions to a large range of dysfunctions.
Here are but a few of them:
1. Issues regarding the bones, muscle and articulations: sciatica, stuck shoulder, knee problems, twisted ankle, neck movement restrictions, back pain, professional illnesses, and so on.
2. Internal organs affections: kidneys, liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, etc.
3. Infertility, ovarian cysts, uterus fibroids
4. Hormonal and emotional in-balance
5. Stress and chronic tiredness
6. Headaches and migraines
7. Breathing affections, bronchitis and asthma
8. Immune system disease
9. Sequelae from vascular accidents
10. Allergies
11. Neurological affections
And the list continues.

It may seem miraculous but in reality it is simple and natural.
Your health is restored naturally and harmoniously and you don’t need to do anything about it. The ingenious movements included in the structure of each Bowen therapy session know how to address your body in order for it to set in motion all its innate resources, so that the healing process begins on all levels, no matter the issue.

Bowen therapy at Joy Temple Tantra Centre in Edinburgh

Joy Temple Tantra Centre Edinburg offers you the option to have this therapy by bringing on our team a therapist who has trained with the Australian Academy, under the direct guidance of the world-known teachers Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, as well as Andrew Zoppos.
With over 11 years of practice, our therapist is here to offer you one hour of her time for your healing and relaxation.
With just one session you will be able to notice yourself the benefits that appear within your own body and being.

Call or email us now, to try your first 1hrs session for as little as just £20.

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5 Good Reasons to Have a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage (or, as some call it, “vulva massage”) is a part of the Tantric Massage for Women. It is getting more and more popularity among women lately and for good reasons.

Shortly, a yoni massage is a special treatment where all the areas of your vagina are stimulated and activated like in reflex therapy. This will have an echo in your entire being.

Loving Your Yoni

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit term for “sacred place” or “source” and literally means “vulva” or “vagina”. It is the most receptive area of your feminine body, it can hold much tension, and yes, it needs special attention.

As women we need to love ourselves. You know that already. But have you ever thought about loving your yoni? How does thinking about loving your yoni feels to you? Do you feel excited, curious or maybe resistant to it?

A lot of emotions could be trapped there and “she” responds very well when treated with consideration and love.

In order to benefit from all this effects, several sessions are required. Our recommendation is at least 7 sessions once a week.

5 Reasons to have a Yoni Massage

1. Profound connection with your body

All your body parts are reflected in your vagina. Yoni mapping, or vaginal mapping means that all parts inside your yoni are being gently pressed and awakened. Using the principle of reflex zones it will reflect on every organ and chakra. As a result, you will feel a release of tension in your muscles, not only within the pelvic area but in your whole body.

2. You will feel better about yourself

When you take care of yourself on a deeper level, you feel worthy of your love and other people’s love. You will be more self confident and feminine, your radiance will increase.

3. It boosts your sensuality

As your yoni gets more sensitive, your sensuality will experience a boost. And so will your ability to feel more pleasure. (Your lover will appreciate it . If he thinks that it is all because of him… well… let him think that )

4. Yoni Massage releases tensions

Your yoni can hold a lot of tension. It is the most receptive part of your body, remember? You can feel this tension as painful spots or even numbness inside your vagina. As this spots are carefully touched and massaged, tension starts to dissipate and you can experience pleasure instead of pain.

5. It increases your Yoni’s Sensitivity

Well, this goes without saying. Once stresses and possible painful spots are released, your sensitivity will be greatly heightened.

Here you are. And we only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Curious about experiencing a yoni mapping session?

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Winter offers at Joy Temple Tantra Centre in Edinburgh

Joy’s winter offers valid from December 18th, 2019 to January 5th, 2020.

‘Tis the season to be joyful, and here at Joy Temple, our Tantra Centre in Edinburgh, where our entire Tantra team is joining the season spirit, we wish to invite you to treat yourself the Tantric way.

For this, our Winter offer gives you a surprise present added to any of the sessions you will have with us from the 18th of December 2019 all the way to the 5th of January in the New Year of 2020.

As some of you may have already noticed, we have more recently added some add ons to our Tantra massage sessions, which you may choose to add to your experience every time you visit us.

And in order to give you a chance to experience with them, free of charge, we are offering you this year a Christmas present in form of a lottery, so that you will pick one note, out of five, here at the centre, just before you start your session, and that will be your surprise present added to your tantra massage session.

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