10 Tantric initiations

This will be a course divided into 10 diferent levels and they are meant as a continuous path. So, for a better understanding of it, participation to one of the initiations is conditioned by having attended and practiced the teachings in the previous one.

For those who dare sign up on this course, it will be a very transformative one, as it includes both theory and very practical and sensual applications of the aspects presented, which will be applied during the massage that you receive every time as part of each one of these 10 initiations.

First initiation- Sexual Continence

What is sexual continence and how can I do it? Everything about the steps and advice. Practical exercise for sublimating the sexual energy.

Second initiation- The law of resonance

What is resonance and how I can apply it? What are the five bodies and the seven chakras of the human being. Practical exercise for focusing the mind.

Third initiation- The power of Shakti

Who is Shakti? Who is Shiva? The element of pleasure.

Fourth initiation – Relaxation and awareness 

Take a moment to rediscover the mystery of being present HERE and NOW! Become aware of how you can relax into highly intense pleasure and succeed to remain aware and in control! Rediscover the magic of being alive in the NOW!

Fith initiation – The masculine/Feminine orgasm in the Tantric Tradition

After having had some practice so far of Tantric principles and techniques, we will now go deeper into explaining and understanding the depths and beneficial effects of the tantric orgasm for men and women who practice sexual continence and thus succeed to preserve and use their sexual potential. This will be a workshop that is offered separately for men and women, so that we can go into the specific characteristics for each one of the polar opposites of the human being.

Sixth initiation – Multiorgasmic men/women

This is the time when we will be speaking even further how on the tantric path, not only are we able to make love for hours, but we even discover the blissful pleasures of countless orgasms both in different tempos for men and women, and even the absolute experience of simultaneous orgasm of the two lovers!

Seventh initiation- Sacred sexuality 

Now that we have discovered so many peaks of pleasure that Tantra has brought into our lives, it is time to continue further and see how even this is not the end but merely the begining of a spiritual path where in reality the act of intensely making love is revealed not as a purpose in itself, but as a means towards a higher purpose which is yet to be discoverd! From this level onwards we start focusing more on the sacred level of sexuality and how this extremely pleasant and fulfilling part of our lives can be experienced as the easiest way to spiritualise your life!

Eighth initiation- The pillars of the sacred erotic life: love, transfiguration and sexual continence. – We speak here of different types of love that can be expressed between two lovers, and not only.

NInth initiation – will be a very important milestone on our path, as it reveals the nine steps of tantric lovemaking, teaching us how precisely we can integrate lovemaking into the sacred dimension of the Universe, right within our own personal couple relationships.

Tenth initiation- Practical exercise for transfiguration. This will go more into depths with explaining how we can practically apply transfiguration in our life and especially in our couple relationship in order to elevate it from prophane into sacred.