April’s newsletter for Soma centre activities

Soma Centre Edinburgh – April 2016 Newsletter

Dears of ours, we are sending you this letter with some dates for some events at our centre, besides the weekly classes, that you are already aware of.

On Saturday, 2nd of April – Spring Cleansing workshop – while still under the influence of the beginning, of Spring and Aries astrological sign, and as a preparation for the moment of the special meditation of communion with Siva, on the 5th, we are organizing again this workshop, where we will be presenting a very purifying technique, that helps cleanse the entire body of things that might have built up over the years and you’re still carrying around without even knowing about it. Besides presenting it, we want to do it practically together as well, and because of this, the places will be limited, so please do let us know if you wish to join in, as soon as you can. 8am – 12pm – £30

On Saturday, 2nd of April – I-Ching Opening Lecture – We have been blessed with receiving a very valuable and extremely rare genuine course on the Esoteric Tradition of I-Ching, which is in reality at the base of most of the Chinese traditions, even the Chinese Sexual Alchemy, and not just a method of divination or one to help us in making better decisions in our lives. And we are inviting you to benefit from it, as well. This is the opening lecture and the course will then follow in modules of 5 sessions that we will present as a whole weekend workshop. 4-7.30pm – £10

On Saturday, 2nd of April – Guided meditation on the Divine Attribute of Immortality – we take this chance to remind those of you who would like to meditate on this theme, about this meditation that we are doing every Saturday, in unison with several other groups, on the same theme, following the same guided steps – 8.15-9.15pm FREE for our students or by donation for everyone who wants to join in

On Sunday, 3rd of April – Discover your Feminine Archetype and see where it can take you! – This month we are starting to explore, in groups of women, the four main feminine archetype, as seen from the Tantric perspective, combining these presentations with esoteric and practical methods to enter in deep and profound resonance and communion with each one of the four fundamental feminine energies. This is a course that will be structured on modules of 4-5 weeks each, and it will be kept every week on Sunday. Each module would be focusing one of the archetypes – 4-6pm  every Sunday- £50/module

On Thursday, 7th of April – Energy of the beginning – free/by donation presentation on the importance of the energy of the beginning both in our day to day life, and in our spiritual practice and couple relationships – 7 – 8 pm – men and women

On Saturday, 9th of April – I-Ching Opening Lecture – We have been blessed with receiving a very valuable and extremely rare genuine course on the Esoteric Tradition of I-Ching, which is in reality at the base of most of the Chinese traditions, even the Chinese Sexual Alchemy, and not just a method of divination or one to help us in making better decisions in our lives. And we are inviting you to benefit from it, as well. This is the opening lecture and the course will then follow in modules of 5 sessions that we will present as a whole weekend workshop. 2-6pm – £10

On Saturday, the 9th of April – Life of spiritual masters and their realisations – Paramahamsa Yogananda – there will be a short presentation of the life and realisations of Paramahamsa Yogananda and we will also be watching a film about his life. More than this, we will also be doing a meditation aiming to enter in deep and profound communion with him and his specific energies.

You may bring light, healthy vegetarian food to share, if you feel like it. 6-9pm – £10

Monday 11th of April – The essential and deep nature of Romantic Love – Why we love – a lecture on the nature of Love, aiming to bring more light, more perspective on this so deeply rooted need of all humans for Love – 6-8pm – £10

Saturday and Sunday, 16th -17th of April – module 1 of the course on The Esoteric Tradition of I-Ching – this is a whole weekend workshop – £50 – there will be three sessions of 2-3 hours each, on Saturday, with 2 meal breaks in between, and another 2 sessions of 3 hours each on Sunday. If you would like, and sign up in due time, we can also cook lunch and dinner for Saturday, as the program will really be for the whole day, and this will include another £15 for the food, for those who would like to have that, as well.

On Saturday, 23rd of April – The inborn Powers of Women and how we can transform the world through the power of Love – for women only – 4-6pm – £10

Our weekly classes carry on as usual, Mondays 6-8pm – Soma of Love class – for men and women; Thursdays 7-9pm – Soma Beginners class – recommended 7 weeks module to start with, for both men and women; Wednesdays and Fridays 6-8pm Vira groups for men only , Sundays 4-6pm – Shakti groups for women.

Please get in touch for more info on either of them, and note that we also offer private classes, to those who prefer it like that, or who cannot attend a regular weekly class because of work or other engagements.

Please note that you are all very welcome to either one of our classes and events, but you do always need to sign up, to let us know when you are attending and receive our confirmation.

We hope you will be joining us for most of these events, and we wish you all an amazing Spring and whole new year, with many joys and reasons to celebrate life every day!

Female Orgasm – a gate into the Feminine Mystery


Before all craziness of the winter holidays begins, we would like to invite all amazing and wonderful women of Edinburgh to join us for a Day to Celebrate our Femininity!

We are going to have two 3hrs workshops, that will best be savoured together, but you are very welcome to join us for only half of it, as well, if that is all your spare time will allow it.

28th of November 2015the Day to immerse yourself into the sublime depths of your Divine Feminine World!

Rediscover yourself as an amazing woman, who is eternally connected to the Feminine Mystery, and see how this can give you inspiration, support, hope, joy and enthusiasm, power to go on, even when it seems impossible.

Explore the mysteries of your inner feminine world and open up to discover the wonders of other women’s universes, and see how alike we are, how strong and yet more feminine we can grow together, as one! Continue reading

Amazing winter offer! – Divine Yoga and Sacred Sexuality Class


Monday class – only £5/ each class of 2hrs! – or  £25/2 months of weekly classes – 26th Oct – 28th Dec 2015!  – if you bring a friend along, you will get a further £5 discount, giving you 2 months of weekly classes for only £20!!

We wish you all joyous and truly amazing Holidays this year!

As winter is the season when we want to remember what matters most, a time to look deep within, to find that magical inner peace, together with the joy and love it brings, we want to give this gift to you, in form of this present offer, so you can join us and take the first steps into the discovery of your own inner peace and joy!


Divine Yoga and sacred sexuality – new group starting 26th October 2015

8447_1For all men and women looking for more depth and happiness in your lives, we are starting a new class spread over 7 weeks, to take you through the very first and basic principles of the Tantric path, so you can bring this tradition into your life, and with it, more joy and happiness!

The class will be about 2 hrs every week, and will include a presentation, and then also some practice of hatha yoga postures, followed by the very efficient yogi relaxation, and short meditations.

The class is open to both men and women, you just need to come in with some light clothes, that allow you to move freely, and the yoga mats needed will be provided for you.

Continue reading

Revolutionary Workshop for Exceptional Women- on International Women’s Day

As a gift for all exceptional women who are celebrated on the 8th of March, the international woman’s day, we would like to invite all of you to a revolutionary workshop that will reveal to us how we can start making good use of our hidden and yet unknown treasure of our feminine sexual power.

Join us in this process of profoundly understanding your feminine power and its healing abilities.

This will be the first of a series of workshops where we discuss menstruation, ideas and theories on it, together with practical tools on how you can actually suspend it in a perfectly healthy manner, and in this way how you can reinforce your feminine power with this huge potential that we all have at our disposal!

Continue reading

Happy New Year and joyful beginning!

New Classes start Friday 16th of January!

We are very happy to announce we will be starting a new group on Friday the 16th, so all of you who have set among your New Year resolutions, to become more in touch with your true self, or those who decided to try something new and transforming this year, we are very much looking forward to meeting you in our classes!

Tantric freedom requires from the aspirant on the path that they pursue a profound spiritual practice, that goes deep into all levels of the being, even to the yet unexplored ones!

To guide you through such profound spiritual practice, we invite you to join us for this class.

The class is held on a weekly basis, 6-8pm every Friday.

10 tantra workshops in edinburgh, scotland

10 Tantra workshops

Tired of simple sex? Nothing new and no interest anymore in your sexual life? Then is time to make a big step and to have the courage to make a huge change.

Folow us gradually in 10 steps and learn to practice genuine Tantra. Discover how to have ecstatic states durring making love and how to ascend into bliss together with your lover. Use your sexual energy not only for pleasure but also for your spiritual ascendance.

You can find us in Edinburgh, Scotland.

New in Edinburgh- Tantra workshops

Our widely open hearts are inviting you to join us on a Tantric path of exploring yourself deeper than you’ve ever searched before, and from there start living your lives with the greatest joy of knowing who we really are!

What is tantra? How can it help me? How can I apply it in my daily life? Well, all these question will find an answer with us. We are waiting for you!

Divine Yoga and Sacred Sexuality

This is a chance for people of both genders (men and women, singles or couples) to come together and discover the principles and secret techniques of the Tantric and Yogic tradition and how these can help turn our lives around in this modern age we live in!

The group meets weekly, every monday from 6pm-8pm, at our centre.

The cost is either £14/session when paid individually, or £70/7 weeks, for those who are ready to make a steadier commitment to attend regularly. Continue reading

New Tantric Coaching Centre in Edinburgh!

tantra-workshops-in-edinburghWelcome to Soma Tantra Centre in Edinburgh!

If you want more about how to improve dramatically your sexual life, if you are enough curious to know more about what is sacred sexuality and how to live divine states of pleasure through sexuality, then you came in the right place.

Tantra for many people is just a prolonged pleasure, even worse, just an occasion to have sex with somebody masked with a “good intention” of tantra coaching.

Genuine tantra is much more than you imangine. Is a spiritual path wich can lead to the revealing of the self. But till then, you need the information, questions and answers.

We are a team of tantra practicioners who learned and practiced a long time a genuine tantra so we are able now to teach others too in it’s secrets .

We hope you will find with us many precious answers related to your love life and not only. Do get in touch and let us know your thoughts!